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Rubber Conveyor Belts


Heavy duty conveyor belts are used to convey grain, stones, clinker, sand, rock, coal, ore, riprap or virtually any bulk material. Bare back (slider bed) constructions are available to convey logs and other forest products. This page contains engineering criteria for selecting belt grade specifications.  For more information please refer our technical data sheets from our webpage. 

Grade M 24 – General Purpose

This grade is recommended for conveying, heavy, sharp, highly abrasive materials like metallic ores, granite, lime stone, coal, blast furnace slag & clinker etc.

Grade N 17 – General Purpose

Recommended for conveying less severe and moderately abrasive material like sized coal, ash, chalk, bauxite etc.

Grade N 17 Synthetic – General Purpose

Composed of synthetic rubber mainly, this grade is suitable for arduous application as M-24 and has similar wear resistance properties

HR - Heat resistant Grade

HR--This grade is recommended for conveying hot material and is suitable for fines upto 100º C and coarse material upto 125º C.

SHR--This grade is recommended for conveying hot material and is suitable for fines upto 125º C and lumps upto 150º C

Super Heat Ultima

Specially blended with a compound of EPDM and chlorobutyl, this grade is recommended for applications where material temperatures are beyond 150º C

FR - Fire Resistant Grade

Having fire resistant and antistatic properties, this grade is recommended for use where a fire hazard exists eg. thermal plants, underground mines.

OR - Oil Resistant Grade

Composed of synthetic rubber compounds. This grade is resistant to mineral, vegetable, animal oils and fats

Hygienic Grade

This cover grade is specially designed with nontoxic rubber compounds for use in the food processing and pharmaceutical industry

CMR – Chemical Resistant Grade

This specially designed grade of conveyor belting to withstand the chemical and abrasive action of material like potash. Urea. Etc. It also overcomes the problem of "Reverse Troughing" faced in conveying such material on belting with normal cover grades.

Pulley Lagging Sheets

Supplier and manufacturer of Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheets. such as precision Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheets, industrial Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheets, customized Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheets and molded Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheets.


we are dealing with all range of high quality Synthetic Rubber Adhesives. These adhesives have high viscosity, strength and curing speed and highly acclaimed for their features such as easy handling, non-environmental pollution and are safe in terms of fire and health.we offer these adhesives in various specifications,packaging and at reasonable prices.

Vulcanising Solution

We undertake belt vulcanising jobs at our works and different sites.We can do belt vulcanising by both hot & cold process.


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